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Our Nursery is set out over 4 distinct stages, each supporting the childrens different ages & stages and levels of need & development - 


Cocoon (Under twos) - providing a high-level of care and nurturing for our youngest children.  The room is cosy, restful and neutral and is adjacent to the nappy changing area,  It also includes a dedicated milk kitchen to make up feeds. We have a range of equipment & resources to care for our youngest babies right up to toddlers.  Based on the first floor we often take our babies to their own area of the garden as well as taking them out for walks in the pushchairs to see and explore our local community.


Caterpillars (Twos) - more mobile than our babies but still needing a high-level of care as they gradually explore larger spaces of the nursery.  With access to the garden, soft play room and their own Sleep Room they are free to explore both indoor and outdoor play areas.  We still operate on a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children as we feel that our two year olds still need a high-level of care.  Adjacent to their own toilets allows our two year olds to easily begin toilet training.


Grasshoppers (Threes) - increasing in confidence & independence, our three year olds have their own dedicated space to play and explore.  We still provide the high-level of adult support that they need and work to a ratio of 1 adult to 6 children.  Our three year olds continue to free-flow with the garden area and often get to play in the courtyard on the bikes and scooters which they love to do!


Butterflies (Pre-school) - our older children occupy the ground floor of the building and get used to moving around a building as they would at school.  They become confident at climbing the stairs and our first floor aslo has its own children's toilets and kitchen facilities.  Our pre-school children still learn through play but have a slightly more structured day.  We continue to use the garden and courtyard and are often riding the bikes, gardening and playing games.



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